Bargersville Police Dept shares photo of Tesla police vehicle charging

Bargersville Police Dept shares photo of Tesla police vehicle charging

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The Bargersville Police Department shared a photo of one of its Tesla police vehicles charging with The Tesla Life on Twitter. In 2019, The Bargersville Police Department in Indiana became one of the first police departments in the U.S. to add a Tesla Model 3 to its fleet as an official patrol vehicle.

The decision has influenced several other police departments around the nation and the world to add Tesla vehicles to their fleets over the past few years.

It has also proven to be a wise decision for the department. Police Chief Todd Bertram told Government Fleet that during the first year, the Tesla Model 3 save the department $6,320 in fuel and maintenance costs compared with gasoline-powered alternatives.

Today, The Tesla Life shared photos of the police vehicle charging at the department’s new police headquarters. Last month, the department held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the new 9,000-square-foot police station which includes space for training, meeting, squad rooms, investigation areas, and even storage. The new headquarters also has four charging stations for the department’s fleet of Teslas. There’s an additional charging station for public use.

Update: A Teslarati reader went to use the public charger and found it that it isn’t public.

In June, the department announced that it was adding more Teslas to its fleet and now has a total of nine Tesla patrol vehicles. The department told Fox59 that the vehicles cost around $60 per month. Comparing that with gas cars which cost more than $550 per month, the savings are definitely adding up.

Officer Jeremy Roll said that the purchase of the Teslas has been a great investment for the department. “It’s come out to save us and the taxpayers a lot more money than what we had originally anticipated,” Roll told Fox59.

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Bargersville Police Dept shares photo of Tesla police vehicle charging
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