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The BMW i7 is dominating its ICE counterpart

Credit: BMW Group

The BMW i7, BMW’s newest EV offering, dominates its gas counterpart alongside other BMW Group luxury EVs.

BMW is defined by its luxury offerings. Its headlining brand, BMW, has dominated the global premium car market for years, and with its newest EV offerings, it looks like it is doing the same. According to BimmerToday, the recently released BMW i7 already constituted 43% of 7 series sales in Germany last month, making the electric version the most popular despite being the most expensive.

According to data collected by the German news site, the 73 BMW i7s sold during January represented 43% of overall 7 series sales in Germany, making it by far the most popular variant. Other successful models include the BMW iX and iX3, each selling over a hundred units in the first month of the year, quickly encroaching on the sales numbers of the brand’s popular luxury gas-powered SUVs, the X6 and X7.

Coming in at an eye-watering 139,900 euro starting price ($119,000 starting price in the United States), it’s no wonder BMW only sold just under a hundred BMW i7s. Nonetheless, the i7’s success follows a trend in BMW Group’s ultra-luxury EVs, dominating gas-powered alternatives.

While Rolls Royce is particularly secretive about sales numbers for the most part, the British company has recently announced that all new Rolls models will be electric going forward, mainly thanks to the incredible success of the company’s first EV, the Rolls Royce Spectre. The Spectre, which has yet to even make it to customers’ garages, filled its order books shortly after launch, according to comments given to Car Magazine. But Rolls’ findings on why its newest EV is so dominant may also explain why the BMW i7 has found such success as well.

“We lead because we listen,” Rolls Royce executive Torsten Müller-Ötvös told Car Magazine. “We listen to our clients, people with whom we have a very special relationship,” and the message is clear, they want more EVs.

For the ultra-rich who are even considering a Rolls Royce or a BMW i7, the simplicity of the vehicle’s operation makes it a very attractive choice. Further, with many cities throughout Europe closing off areas to gas vehicles, EVs are the only way to navigate without impediment.

BMW is finally starting to take notice of the incredible demand for EVs in the vast majority of the markets they operate in, and the i7 is just the latest example. As the German company continues to electrify its lineup, hopefully, examples like this encourage the brand to continue and double down on its electrification investments.

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The BMW i7 is dominating its ICE counterpart
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