Tesla has fully overtaken BMW for US’ luxury crown, new data confirms

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New data has confirmed that Tesla has indeed overtaken BMW as the United States’ top luxury vehicle maker in 2022. The race was not close either, especially considering the trends exhibited by the two companies. 

While speculations were already high that Tesla ended 2022 as the country’s number one luxury car maker, new data from Experian has now confirmed these estimates. Experian data shows that Tesla saw 484,351 new vehicle registrations during the year, compared to 327,929 for BMW. 

With its 2022 results, Tesla effectively saw a 41% increase over 2021, while BMW saw a 5.3% decline in the same period. Fellow luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz ended the year as the country’s number three luxury auto maker with 269,511 registrations. Mercedes-Benz’s 2022 registrations were almost the same as its 2021 figure. 

As noted in an Automotive News report, the total new vehicle registrations among 15 luxury brands in the United States saw a 2.5% drop last year to 2.18 million units. 

Tesla’s results are quite impressive. The EV maker is competing not only with veteran luxury car makers with far more experience in the industry; it is also competing with rivals that produce internal combustion cars. In a way, Tesla won the luxury market in the United States while selling only one type of vehicle, but one that consumers are heavily demanding now. 

It should be noted that Tesla lies far ahead of its rivals in the electric vehicle sector. Tesla’s 484,351 new vehicle registrations tracked by Experian are all electric vehicles. In comparison, BMW only posted 14,159 new EV registrations last year. Mercedes-Benz posted only 11,444, as per Experian data. 

While Tesla’s all-electric cars do not really follow the conventions of traditional luxury vehicles, the company is nonetheless considered a premium automaker due to its vehicles’ prices, as well as their robust performance and technology-focused features. 

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Tesla has fully overtaken BMW for US’ luxury crown, new data confirms
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