Boring Co. looks to hire for ‘secret tunnel’ between LA and Vegas

Credit: Pauline Acalin on Twitter (@w00ki33)

The Boring Company has a lesser-known tunnel being dug out in Adelanto, California. The location of the tunnel lies between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and both of those locations already have Boring Co. projects that are completed or underway. However, the joining between the two tunnels has been speculated ever since the Adelanto tunnel was discovered. Now, the company is hiring for multiple positions at the “secret tunnel.”

According to the Boring Company’s website, three positions are available at the Adelanto, California project. A Human Resources Associate, a Mechanic, and a Boring Machine Operator are all being sought out at the site. It appears that the company is beginning to ramp up efforts at the location.

Photos of the site were taken by a Teslarati source in early August, which showed large machinery and tents, which hint toward the possibility of the Las Vegas and Los Angeles tunnels being connected. A series of stops would likely be available in the tunnel to conjoin the two cities, and Adelanto would be an appropriate first step.

Credit: Pauline Acalin on Twitter (@w00ki33)

The location of the city is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Las Vegas, but it is located directly in between the two large areas in what appears to be a relatively straight line.

Adelanto’s location is in between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and could prove to be an ideal spot for the Boring Company’s development of the LA to Vegas Hyperloop. (Credit: Google Maps)

Additionally, the Boring Co. Las Vegas Loop has a planned map that shows the planned stops of the Sin City people mover. While an array of hotels, resorts, casinos, and the McCarran Airport are present on the map, there is one small indicator at the bottom that seems to hint that the Vegas and LA tunnels will be connected: an arrow that says “To Los Angeles.”

Boring Co.’s proposed idea for its future “Vegas Loop.” (Credit:

Now that the Boring Company is beginning to offer positions for the Adelanto location, it is apparent that something serious is going on at the site. A test site seems unlikely considering the Boring Co. has already bored multiple tunnels that are functional, and it could be an indication that the company is planning for its first long-distance tunnel that would connect two major cities.

After the Las Vegas Monorail filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Boring Co. has an opening to expand and become Las Vegas’ primary passenger transport company. But expansion in Elon Musk’s eyes rarely is a small thing, and it is more likely that the doors opening in Las Vegas will lead to growth in other cities.

Boring Co. looks to hire for ‘secret tunnel’ between LA and Vegas
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