CATL’s new Shenxing battery wins TECHNOBEST 2024 award

(Credit: CATL)

Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) received the Technobest 2024 award for its Shenxing battery from the international jury panel of AUTOBEST. 

The AUTOBEST jury commented:

“CATL launched Shenxing, the world’s first 4C superfast charging LFP battery, capable of delivering 400 km of driving range with a 10-minute charge as well as a range of over 700 km on a single full charge. Shenxing is expected to considerably alleviate fast charging anxiety for EV users and opens up an era of EV superfast charging. Focusing on the very nature of electrochemistry, CATL continues its innovation in material and electrochemistry and system structure in an all-around way, achieving superfast charging, high energy density, and a high level of safety at the same time in a creative manner. Shenxing pushes beyond the boundaries of the performance of LFP chemistry, leading innovation in the battery industry.” 

AUTOBEST is a jury made of members from 31 European countries that has been giving awards since 2001. The jury gives awards in several categories, the TECHNOBEST award being one of the most prominent. 

TECHNOBEST is awarded to the most cutting-edge technologies in the automotive industry. Shenxing battery is the first battery product to win the TECHNOBEST award. In addition, CATL is the first China-based company to win the prize. 

CATL unveiled the Shenxing battery in August. The Chinese battery supplier is expected to start producing the next-gen LFP battery by the end of 2023 and deliver it to customers by 2024. As of this writing, CATL’s Shenxing battery will be used by OEMs, including NETA, CHERY, BAIC, BJEV, JIDU, AND VOYAH. 

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CATL’s new Shenxing battery wins TECHNOBEST 2024 award
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