Canoo responds to report of ‘disappointing’ 2024 revenue forecast

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Canoo has responded to media reports following its Q4 and 2023 financial results released this week, after one outlet said the commercial electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer’s 2024 revenue forecast “disappointed.”

In a press release shared on Monday, Canoo reported its Q4 and full-year 2023 financials, in which it reported a GAAP net loss and comprehensive loss of $29 million for Q4 and $302.6 million for the full year. These figures were down from the GAAP net loss and comprehensive loss of $80.2 million and $487.7 million in the same periods in 2022.

In addition, Canoo forecasts between $50 million and $100 million in 2024 revenue, which Reuters reported to be below analyst expectations of $152.5 million, as detailed in data from LSEG. The report also connected the results to a larger slowdown in the “consumer” electric vehicle (EV) market, adding that Canoo had “warned for the eighth straight quarter about its dwindling capital and ability to continue as a going concern without additional funding.”

Following the news, Canoo’s shares dropped by as much as 38 percent during extended trading hours.

Canoo responded to the report in a LinkedIn post on Tuesday, saying that it was also “more than a little disappointed” that the company hadn’t been asked to comment on the matter. The automaker also pointed out that Reuters had incorrectly labeled it as being in the “consumer” market, though it has only worked with commercial customers so far and has generally been targeting that market.

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“Had Reuters called Canoo for comment we would have told them that we raised $324 million in 2022, and $288 million in 2023 and we are currently in discussions with several entities and individuals about investing in the company this year,” Canoo wrote in the post. “We would have also told them that we have begun manufacturing, expect to step up our manufacturing effort this year, and have a backlog of orders. And, that we are not in the consumer market, we are in the commercial market.”

In addition, the EV maker highlighted the fact that the company’s executives firmly believe in the company’s future, adding that CEO Tony Aquila has personally contributed to the automaker.

“Canoo executives, including its CEO, have every confidence in the company. In fact, since mid-2020 and through 2023, Mr. Aquila has invested more than $350 million in the company’s stock.”

The automaker just began initial deliveries of its latest Oklahoma-produced commercial Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDVs) in December, delivering a total of 17 vehicles in Q4 and an additional 5 that were produced in Texas earlier in the year. The initial deliveries went out to a few offices in the state of Oklahoma, as well as companies Kingbee and Zeeba. Earlier in the year, Canoo made deliveries to the U.S. Army and to NASA, though its Oklahoma production facility wasn’t yet running.

“We will continue to make progress towards accessing additional forms of debt and other non-dilutive forms of capital as we move into 2024,” said Canoo CFO Greg Ethridge in a call following the earnings report. “Let’s be very clear. We’ll only raise the capital that we need.”

You can see Canoo’s full Q4 and 2023 financial results report here.

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Canoo responds to report of ‘disappointing’ 2024 revenue forecast
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