CATL & Nio sign agreement to develop batteries with longer life

Two of China’s biggest companies, CATL and Nio, signed a partnership agreement to develop batteries with longer life spans. Through the partnership, the two companies aim to reduce overall electric vehicle (EV) costs. 

“One of the most important problems that has fundamentally not been solved nor attracted widespread attention is battery life. This is not only a problem that Nio needs to solve, but one that the whole industry must work together to solve,” said William Li, Nio’s Founder and CEO.

CATL and Nio aim to create a battery cell that lasts at least 15 years, almost doubling the lifespan of the batteries in current electric vehicles. According to Reuters, EV batteries usually have warranties for 8 years. Nio noted that nearly 20 million EV battery warranties will expire between 2025 and 2032. 

The EV company pointed out that EV battery life spans are typically shorter than the life span of a car. It also compared that expense of replacing power packs versus EV batteries. 

CATL and Nio will work on extending the life span of swappable EV batteries. Through the agreement, the Chinese battery supplier will also plan and develop battery systems with a longer life span for Nio.

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CATL & Nio sign agreement to develop batteries with longer life
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