Comedian does a hilarious offbeat review of his Tesla Model S

David So Tesla Model S review

Comic, former stand up comedian, and YouTuber David So has joined the ranks of other public personalities and celebrities that own a Tesla. Granted David So may not be a household name unless you’re one of his 1.3 million loyal YouTube subscribers, but the self-proclaimed actor, writer, fire dancer, porn star, gymnast, with large breast – of which only a few are true, does an amazing performance reviewing the new Model S.

Watch as David So high kicks and squats his way into a hilarious offbeat review of his new Tesla Model S (the one with the new fascia). Though he covers everything from Tesla’s Summon feature, to the vehicle’s generous trunk and frunk storage capacity, and of course Autopilot, it’s not the review itself worth watching rather it’s the theatrics and captivating cinematography of Los Angeles’s back-alley in which the Oscar-worthy performance is done in. Knowing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s appreciation for sometimes dry humor, we have a feeling this will be appreciated by Mr. Iron Man himself. Need more cowbells.

“This will be the ghetto’ist review of a Tesla you’ve ever seen in your life”

Indeed David So. Indeed.

(NSFW language)

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