Crew 7 returns to Earth following 197 days aboard the International Space Station

Crew 7 splashes down in the Gulf of Mexico (Credit NASA)

Crew 7 returned to Earth after a fiery re-entry through the atmosphere to splash down in the Gulf of Mexico.

That fiery re-entry was witnessed by anyone who dared to be awake and had clear skies as Crew Dragon Endurance and its 4 crew members streaked South over the mid-western to Southern states ahead of splashdown.

Crew 7 consisted of NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli, ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen, JAXA astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, and Russian cosmonaut Konstantin Borisov. During their 197 days aboard the International Space Station, they were a part of Expeditions 69 and 70 completing numerous scientific experiments and maintenance to help keep the ISS running smoothly.

After the crew disembarked Endurance, they underwent a brief medical check before boarding a helicopter back to the mainland and a trip to Johnson Space Center in Houston.

As for Crew Dragon Endurance, it completed its 3rd flight to the Space Station back. Endurance has now spent over 532 days in space following the completion of the Crew 7 mission. The capsule previously supported the Crew 3 (November 2021) and Crew 5 missions (March 2023).

Crew 7 is all smiles aboard Crew Dragon Endurance shortly before disembarking onto SpaceX recovery ship Megan (Credit NASA/Joel Kowsky)

SpaceX recovery ship Megan, which was stationed off the coast of Pensacola, Florida, ahead of splashdown, will now head back South around the Southern tip of Florida before heading back up the East coast to Port Canaveral, where SpaceX will unload the capsule to be brought back for inspections and refurbishment ahead of its eventual fourth flight to space. SpaceX crew capsules are currently rated for 5 trips, but NASA and SpaceX are currently evaluating if that limit can be raised to 15 flights.

Crew Dragon Endeavour, which recently arrived at the International Space Station with Crew 8 aboard, is on its 5th flight, the current limit NASA and SpaceX placed on the capsules when they went through initial qualifications.

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Crew 7 returns to Earth following 197 days aboard the International Space Station
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