Custom Tesla Model S Glows with Electric Paint


We’re not sure why anyone in their right mind would want to decorate a Model S with electrified zebra-print but nevertheless the folks from Darkside Scientific has – and it’s wickedly electrifying.

The custom Tesla Model S featured in the video is decorated with an electroluminescent paint coating, by the name of LumiLor, that lights up when energized with an electrical current. There’s no denying the fact that the cool factor is certainly present, especially given the irony of having electric paint on an electric vehicle, but can their be any real world applications for something like this?

LumiLor can be applied to any surface using a standard paint gun, adheres to most surfaces regardless of curvature and is flexible. In case electric blue isn’t the color for you, fear not because the electroluminescent paint also comes in white, green, orange and a custom color by the name of “LumiGreen Radioactive”.

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