Potential Cybertruck battery packs spotted at Tesla Gigafactory Texas

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer | X

A shipment appearing to include structural battery packs was delivered at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas this week, though it’s not entirely clear what vehicle the deliveries are for.

On Monday, drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer posted a photo of the shipment on X, pointing out that it seems to include pallets of structural battery packs. Interestingly, Tegtmeyer spotted the pallets at the Southwest receiving door of Giga Texas, where the company assembles the Cybertruck.

In the photo, you can see two sets of pallets side-by-side, with the furthest ones including metal from what is likely a visible battery pack. It’s unclear what the battery packs will be used for or exactly where they’re being delivered from.

Tegtmeyer asked if viewers can tell whether the packs are different from those used in the Model Y. One user responded by noting that they did look similar to the Model Y structural packs with a shorter penthouse region, though it’s difficult to confirm without seeing them from additional angles.

Others said the battery packs looked much larger than those for the Model Y. Some also pointed out that these could be the 500-mile battery packs intended for the tri-motor Cybertruck, although Tesla has yet to share official specs for the launch of the unique electric pickup.

Tesla’s structural battery packs for the Cybertruck are built at both the automaker’s Austin, Texas and Fremont, California plants, and this shipment seems likely to have come from the latter.

The apparent battery pack sighting comes ahead of initial Cybertruck deliveries and just after Joe spotted the truck being crash tested at Giga Texas on Monday. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the company’s Q1 earnings call that there would “probably” be a Cybertruck delivery event in Q3, though that deadline has come and gone.

Still, the lack of a Q3 delivery event hasn’t stopped Tesla from driving the Cybertruck all over public U.S. roads in recent weeks, so most expect initial deliveries to begin soon. Although Tesla still needs a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) and crash testing results from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to deliver the Cybertruck, the sightings seem hopeful.

It also comes just after Tesla launched an affordable rear-wheel-drive Model Y in the U.S., with a sticker price of just $43,990.

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Potential Cybertruck battery packs spotted at Tesla Gigafactory Texas
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