Elon Musk teases ‘kick-ass’ Tesla Cybertruck Performance trim

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Elon Musk said he drove a special Performance version of the Cybertruck on Friday, while many onlookers are still waiting to see what options Tesla offers for the upcoming electric pickup.

On Friday, Musk wrote on X that he had driven “the performance Cybertruck,” adding that it “kicks ass next-level.” The news came in response to a repost of a previous interview with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley VP Kelvin Gee, in which Musk said that a Plaid Model 3 would not be coming to the market.

Currently, Tesla offers upgraded “Performance” trims for the Model 3 and Model Y, as well as so-called “Plaid” trims as the top-tier trim options for the Model S and X. With Musk’s statement, it appears that the Cybertruck will gain the naming convention Performance alongside the Model 3 and Y.

Still, this didn’t stop users in the thread from asking how many motors the Performance Cybertruck would have, along with questions about other vehicle features. Upon its initial launch in 2019, the vehicle debuted with three motor options: single-motor, dual-motor and tri-motor. In 2021, Musk also said that the Cybertruck would launch with a quad-motor configuration.

It’s unclear if all four of these will be included in the Cybertruck’s official release in the coming months.

Tesla has yet to release official specs for the Cybertruck, nor has the automaker shared information about the electric truck’s configurations, prices or when deliveries will begin. Although a delivery event for the Cybertruck was discussed by Musk earlier this year, it’s still not clear when it will take place.

Volume production of the Cybertruck is not expected to begin until next year, though initial deliveries should start before the end of this year. Tesla still awaits a Certificate of Conformity from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and crash testing results from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) before officially selling the vehicle.

The news comes just about a week after the Cybertruck surpassed two million reservations, according to one tracker, and ahead of Tesla’s plans to begin initial deliveries in the next several months. In recent weeks, Cybertruck prototypes have been spotted on several accounts, along with a new blue digital camo wrap spotted this week that’s different from the previously seen wrap options.

Update: The fourth paragraph was corrected to note that the Cybertruck was unveiled with three motor configurations, while Elon Musk later announced plans for a fourth, quad-motor, launch edition variant.

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Elon Musk teases ‘kick-ass’ Tesla Cybertruck Performance trim
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