Boring Company gets another potential FL project in North Miami Beach

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North Miami Beach Vice Mayor Michael Joseph has initiated talks with Elon Musk’s Boring Company for a one to two-mile tunnel under State Road 826. 

In late February, the Vice Mayor tagged Elon Musk and The Boring Company (TBC) in a tweet, asking the billionaire and his tunneling company to consider a North Miami Beach project. The Miami Herald obtained documents revealing that Joseph and his staff plan to build a transit tunnel under State Road 826 between the Golden Glades exchange and the city of Sunny Isles Beach, with an extension along Biscayne Boulevard. 

The Vice Mayor has spoken with TBC several times in March and has scheduled a follow-up call for early April. He hopes that Elon Musk’s underground people-mover could ease congestion in the city, especially on State Road 826 where many tourists pass through. 

“It overburdens the road and people in the community. On the same road that locals are trying to get home, people are trying to get to the beach. We’re open to this conversation [with The Boring Company] because we think it will add a lot of value to the community,” Joseph told  Business Insider.

The city does not have a budget proposal for the project yet. Joseph suggested that money from tolls might help pay for The Boring Company project. The Vice Mayor also said that President Joe Biden’s $4 trillion infrastructure bill could cover the project if it passes. 

Miami City Mayor Francis Suarez stated he would seek federal funding to build a Boring Company transit system from the federal government. He shared his plans to broach the subject with US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Like Joseph, Suarez doesn’t seem reliant on federal funding for the Boring Company transit system to push forward. 

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Boring Company gets another potential FL project in North Miami Beach
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