The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop gets positive reviews from first public passengers

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The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop has received reviews from its first round of public passengers, and they are quite positive. Based on comments from attendees of the ongoing World of Concrete 2021 convention, Elon Musk’s underground transport tunnels are very useful and well appreciated. 

The LVCC Loop was completed at the cost of about $52.5 million, making it significantly more affordable than proposals from other companies, such as those from Austria-based Doppelmayr Garaventa Group, which proposed a traditional above-ground transit system for about $215 million. Considering the LVCC Loop’s small tunnels and use of manually driven Teslas for now, however, the project has attracted its own fair share of skepticism and mockery online. 

If comments from actual passengers of the LVCC Loop are any indication, it appears that the transport tunnels are a hit so far. Speaking with Fox5 News, Amy West, a WOC vendor and Commercial Marketing Manager for Briggs & Stratton, noted that the LVCC Loop had been a fun and novel experience overall. 

“You can see some variants of color, so it’s kind of felt like you were in a roller coaster. You feel like you’re going a lot faster than you really are. We even said like, ‘Oh, we’re speeding,’ and he was like, ‘We’re going 30 miles per hour,'” West said. 

The Briggs & Stratton manager further noted that the LVCC Loop had been a hot topic among the World of Concrete convention attendees. Drivers of the Loop system have also stated that they saw a steady stream of passengers throughout the day on Tuesday. “People have been coming back that have done it, and telling the other people like, ‘Instead of eating out here for lunch, take the loop and go to (a different) hall,” West said. 

Another attendee at the World of Concrete 2021 convention, Gabe Reed, noted that the Loop system was very smooth and quiet. This made the Teslas in the transport tunnels a quiet, safe venue for short business talks. “Avoid a lot of traffic! Which is the whole point of this. Especially in very congested Vegas out here. Very smooth, very quiet. Just a nice little quiet ride,” Reed said. 

Watch Fox5 News‘ segment on the LVCC Loop in the video below. 

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The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop gets positive reviews from first public passengers
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