The Boring Company offers additional $15M to finance San Antonio Loop 

(Credit: The Boring Company)

The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) shared that Elon Musk’s The Boring Company (TBC) offered an additional $15 million to finance the San Antonio Loop. 

“That’s a lot of money that’s not coming from taxpayers to improve community transportation. I don’t see anybody else coming and giving us $50 million that’s not funding by taxpayers in some way, shape or form,” said Michael Lynd Jr.—chair of the Alamo RMA.

The Boring Company initially offered $27 million to $45 million to support the San Antonio Loop project financially. With the additional $15 million, the tunneling company raised its fund for the project to as much as $60 million. The funds will go towards the first phase of the San Antonio Loop. 

Board Secretary and Treasurer David Star believes that The Boring Company’s willingness to financially back the San Antonio project shows its credibility. 

“If the Boring Company is willing to put the money into a project to prove out the project and expose themselves for $50 million to $60 million to prove out the project, that should be some credibility,” noted Starr. 

Funding played a significant role in the Alamo RMA’s decision to pick The Boring Company’s San Antonio project over other transportation proposals presented to the Board. Staff-written documents revealed that Elon Musk’s tunneling company stated it would self-finance the entire project and turn it over to the Alamo RMA once the San Antonio Loop was complete.

TBC’s San Antonio Loop 

Lynd has repeatedly stated that the Alamo RMA does not have sufficient funds to financially support transportation projects needed to support a growing population in the San Antonio area. The Board mainly generates revenue from annual vehicle registrations, reported the San Antonio Express-News.

According to a presentation to the Alamo RMA earlier this year, The Boring Company’s San Antonio Loop is expected to generate a net revenue of $25 million per year. TBC’s San Antonio tunnel fares are estimated to be between $10 to $13 per passenger. 

TBC plans to build a one-way tunnel 7.6 miles long parallel to U.S. 281. However, the route of the tunnel may change as negotiations continue. The San Antonio Loop is estimated to accommodate 112,000 commuters daily and 15,750 passengers per hour from the airport to downtown with 350 Tesla vehicles. 

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The Boring Company offers additional $15M to finance San Antonio Loop 
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