Elon Musk estimates Tesla fleet will reach 10 million in a few years

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Over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk conducted his highly-anticipated FSD V12 demonstration. The event was livestreamed on X, where it proceeded to garner 11.1 million views as of writing. Musk’s comments following the demo hinted at his estimate for the size of Tesla’s overall fleet in the coming years. 

The drive was surprisingly uneventful, partly due to the fact that FSD V12 was already behaving much like a human driver. As Musk highlighted during the drive, FSD V12 was smooth, and it reacted to situations on the road, such as the presence of construction areas and speed bumps, without any issues. Musk only had to intervene once at a busy intersection as FSD V12 was about to run a red light. 

Musk’s demonstration received quite a lot of attention on social media, with critics of the system dismissing it as proof that FSD was unsafe and supporters praising the improvements of the system. Among those who saw the importance of the demonstration was tech evangelist Robert Scoble, who described the drive as the first “first public demo of a robot that learned to move around the world by watching only videos.”

In a response to the tech evangelist’s comments, Musk stated that it is remarkable to see that the inference compute power needed for the system used in the FSD V12 demo was only about 100W on Tesla’s AI computer. The CEO noted that such a “puny amount of power is enough to achieve superhuman driving.” Musk did highlight, however, that attaining superhuman driving with AI requires billions of dollars per year and a massive fleet of vehicles. 

With this in mind, Musk noted that Tesla currently has over 4 million cars on the road that is capable of training AI. That’s a substantial number, and it is very impressive considering how young the company is in the automotive sector. Nevertheless, Musk also estimated that Tesla’s fleet would be substantially larger in the future, as it would reach “roughly 10 million” in a few years. 

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Granted, Musk has a reputation for being overly optimistic with his estimated timeframes, but it should be noted that 10 million is quite realistic. As noted by Statista, after all, Tesla’s overall sales have passed the 4.4 million mark, so if the electric vehicle maker continues to grow at its pace, a total fleet size of 10 million vehicles may indeed be within reach. 

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Elon Musk estimates Tesla fleet will reach 10 million in a few years
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