Tesla Cybertruck production appears to have hit 100 units

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Tesla’s initial production of the Cybertruck appears to be gaining momentum, with industry watchers estimating that about 100 units of the all-electric pickup truck have already been built at Gigafactory Texas. The estimate comes amidst a wave of sightings of Cybertrucks being spotted testing on public roads and even more units being spotted on car carrier trucks across the United States. 

Tesla has not announced the official date of the Cybertruck’s first delivery event, but the company’s recent activities suggest that the highly-anticipated date may be closer than expected. This was hinted at by a new Tesla referral incentive that provides participants with the capability to secure a ticket to the Cybertruck delivery event for 30,000 referral points.

This has prompted Tesla observers to closely watch the pace of Cybertruck shipments from Gigafactory Texas. Tesla has been pretty quiet about the pace of the Cybertruck’s production as of late, but it is becoming evident that more and more units of the all-electric pickup truck are being shipped from Giga Texas. 

And if estimates from Tesla watchers are any indication, it would appear that about 100 Cybertrucks have already been produced. If such estimates are accurate, then the ramp of the Cybertruck’s initial production appears to be going well. This bodes well for the Cybertruck, as it suggests that the all-electric pickup truck could see a ramp that’s more similar to the Model Y crossover than vehicles like the Model 3 sedan, which experienced a period of “production hell” before it was ramped. 

Interestingly enough, the production of the Cybertruck this year is one thing that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been quite conservative about. During the Q2 2023 earnings call, Musk simply noted that he is hoping that the Cybertruck’s ramp will be smooth and that the vehicle will be produced in high volume next year. Considering that Giga Texas is already producing consumer-ready Cybertrucks today, however, then perhaps the start of a meaningful ramp for the vehicle could start before the end of 2023 instead. 

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Tesla Cybertruck production appears to have hit 100 units
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