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Fisker’s optimistic 2023 forecast “borderline ludicrous:” CFRA analyst

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Electric vehicle maker Fisker opted to maintain its production forecast for the year. The update was received warmly by investors, as evidenced by Fisker stock rising 30.28% to $7.40 per share on Monday. However, some Wall Street analysts received Fisker’s forecast with skepticism, with CFRA Research analyst Garrett Nelson dubbing it “borderline ludicrous.” 

The past months have been very challenging for electric vehicle makers like Fisker. Even EV giant Tesla saw notable challenges last year amidst supply chain shortages and Covid-related shutdowns in China. As noted in an Automotive News report, some EV makers may now be facing waning demand amid rising interest rates and recession fears. 

Yet as per Fisker, the company is still looking to hit its 2023 production target of 42,400 vehicles with manufacturing partner Magna Steyr. This was despite some suppliers still facing headwinds. In a conference call, CEO Henrik Fisker told analysts that Magna was ready to produce 20 cars daily, with a “strong” ramp in Q2 2023. 

“Yes, we only made 56 cars since November last year, but that was on purpose. Today, and actually even last week, and weeks before, Magna can already make 20 cars a day on average. That’s 100 cars a week, already now. So the key here — the key takeaway is that when we are ramping up, specifically in Q2, we are going to have such a strong ramp that any units that may have been lost early on can easily be caught up later in the year. And that’s why we maintain our guidance of 42,400 vehicles for the year, extremely important note here,” Fisker said.

Wall Street analysts have responded to Fisker’s stance. Raymond James analyst Pavel Molchanov noted that the stock rise on Monday was a “classic example of a relief rally.” The analyst noted that there were also “some fears that the production startup of the SUV Ocean was getting delayed.” 

CFRA Research analyst Garrett Nelson was more skeptical. He noted that Fisker’s 2023 target of 42,400 vehicles was “borderline ludicrous given the struggles of EV peers.” Nelson also highlighted that the target is extremely optimistic considering “Fisker’s production of 56 vehicles so far.”

Fisker also pointed out that its potential Tesla Model Y fighter, the Fisker Ocean, saw its reservations rise to over 65,000 as of February 24, 2023, an improvement from the 62,000 reservations the vehicle saw in October last year. 

If Fisker can pull off the Ocean, it could prove competitive in the EV sector. The Ocean is expected to start at $37,499, lower than industry leaders like the Tesla Model Y, which starts at $54,990 even with the company’s price cuts last January. Henrik Fisker, for his part, noted that the company’s pricing is bearing fruit. “We were well-priced from the beginning. That’s something that, I think, now is bearing fruit,” the CEO said. 

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Fisker’s optimistic 2023 forecast “borderline ludicrous:” CFRA analyst
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