Fisker CEO defends Ocean’s $5k down payment amid skepticism

Credit: Fisker

Fisker Automotive has started sending out emails to early investors and reservation holders that they are now able to put down $5,000 to confirm the order of their vehicle.

According to reporting done by Green Car Reports, this $5,000 payment not only locks in a model of the Fisker Ocean Launch Edition; it also serves as a down payment on the vehicle.

The article states that this information comes from a contact at Fisker Automotive, and the representative is quoted as saying “The $5,000, which is just a down payment, is for customers/fans that specifically want to lock down.” The starting price of the Fisker Ocean Launch Edition is $68,999, a price that will be locked in by placing the down payment. The company’s site claims the Ocean’s base model (not available for a down payment for now) will start at $37,499.

This may be a strange step forward as many customers have yet to even see, nonetheless touch the vehicle in person. However, the CEO has defended his move vigorously. A piece written by Electrek titled “Fisker asks extra $5,000 nonrefundable deposit from its Ocean reservation holders” was not only found by CEO Henrik Fisker but criticized via his personal Instagram account — a move that may be classified as Karma.

The CEO called the article “phony” and claimed that it was “aimed at doing harm” via a comment left on a post from FiskerWhispers. To be clear, the rest of the CEO’s message was dedicated to outlining his happiness with bringing his vehicle to market, (I have pasted his quote verbatim via the Instagram comment);

“I’m happy to report we got a great reception from people who can now configure their Ocean One and secure there limited edition. We (Fisker Inc) can now start specifying the orders and get them build with the right trim & colors! Each Ocean ONE will come with a dedicated number! It’s great to see how so many people who are supporting the expansion of ALL EVs to create a clean future for everyone!!! 😃👍🏽”

Criticism of the company has not been in short supply, especially after the brand’s initial run in the early 20-teens that ended less than perfectly. Yet despite the controversy, Henrik and the Fisker official Instagram page both expressed excitement as they announced that the 5,000 Ocean Launch Edition vehicles had already been claimed. This leaves the $250 deposit that is still listed on their website as the only way to secure a place in line for a Fisker Ocean.

The vehicle is set to be manufactured by Magna in its Austria-based plant and will hopefully begin deliveries by the end of this year or sometime in 2023.

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Fisker CEO defends Ocean’s $5k down payment amid skepticism
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