Fisker to report its Q4 2023 earnings: Here are investors’ top questions

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Fisker Inc. is set to report its Q4 2023 earnings after markets close on Thursday. The electric vehicle startup is currently facing a number of challenges, such as a low stock price, missed targets, a pivot to franchised dealers, and negative reviews of the Fisker Ocean. 

Fisker’s stock price has fallen sharply, dipping below $1 per share last month. As of Tuesday’s close, Fisker stock is down nearly 60% year-to-date. The Fisker Ocean, which is being delivered to consumers today, has also been received negatively by some auto reviewers. Fisker announced a shift to franchised dealers as well, and the company missed its targets for the Ocean last year. 

Fisker shareholders have submitted a number of questions for the company’s earnings call to investor communication platform Say. Some of the questions highlighted concerns about the company, especially with regard to its financial stability and share price. 

The following are the ten most voted questions with the most votes that Fisker investors have submitted for the company’s Q4 2023 earnings call. 

  1. We’re in decline. What is Fisker’s next step to improve shareholder value, and how many new dealers does Fisker actually think it’s gonna gain with their dealer network?
  2. Why should I still invest in Fisker? Does this company still have a chance at surviving after dropping below $1? What are you doing to improve your company?
  3. The stock price being this low doesn’t give potential customers confidence that this is a brand that will stick around much longer. What are your plans to address the current stock price?
  4. Auto Focus, a well-followed channel, gave the Ocean a horrible review that showed a lot of flaws with Fisker. At 4M views, I feel like FSR stocks were sold off due to this particular review of the car. How will you be fixing these key issues mentioned in the video?
  5. Have there been any serious merger discussions with larger automakers?
  6. Open communication and transparency have been an ongoing issue with the company. Delays in earnings, technical specifications, manufacturer partnerships, & dates. What is the company doing to establish better confidence in Fisker’s leadership and partnerships with chosen vendors?
  7. When will management take into consideration the high level of naked short selling of its stock? And what is Fisker going or doing about it?
  8. Fisker has missed its guidance/targets and the recent 10Q miss set off a cascading event with the notes and now we have an “Out of Compliance Letter” from the NYSE all stemming from Fisker’s own mismanagement. What concrete steps are being taken to rebuild trust and hit targets?
  9. What’s your plan of action to regain shareholders’ confidence? What’s your production plan?
  10. The stock price is in free fall. What is management doing to restore confidence and compliance? Any short-term or long-term plans?

Fisker is expected to report its fourth quarter and full year 2023 financial results after market close on Thursday, February 29, 2024. The release will be followed by a conference call at 2:00 p.m. PT (5:00 p.m. ET). Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker, CTO David King, and CFO Dr. Geeta Gupta-Fisker are expected to be in attendance at the earnings call. 

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Fisker to report its Q4 2023 earnings: Here are investors’ top questions
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