Polestar announces $950M in external funding

Credit: Polestar

Swedish electric performance carmaker Polestar recently announced that it has secured $950 million in external funding from a group of international banks. The funding was announced by Polestar in a press release.

As per Polestar, the funding is being provided by 12 banks. These include BNP Paribas, Natixis, Standard Chartered, BBVA, HSBC, and SPDB, in the form of a three-year loan facility. The funding is expected to provide capital for the Swedish automaker’s next development plans. It also addresses a notable portion of Polestar’s projected financing needs. 

The recently announced $950 million funding also adds to the company’s existing cash reserves of about $770 million, Polestar noted in its press release

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath welcomed the new funding. “Securing funding from a syndicate of global banks reflects our partners’ support for Polestar’s growth course. Together with Geely’s full financial support and access to innovative technology and engineering expertise, we have reinforced our path towards cash flow break-even targeted in 2025,” Ingenlath said. 

Geely CEO Daniel Li was optimistic about Polestar’s new funding as well. “As a strategic partner and direct shareholder in Polestar, Geely will continue to provide full operational and financial support to the iconic performance car brand going forward. We will retain our shares in Polestar and intend to participate in future financing activities when required. Polestar will have full access to technologies and engineering expertise from Geely Holding to realize its global growth targets,” Li said. 

Polestar has ambitious goals, such as achieving cash-flow break-even in 2025, an annual volume of over 155,000 vehicles, and a gross margin in the high teens. The company is also looking to hit a double-digit gross profit margin by the end of 2024. To help achieve these targets, the company is implementing a cost-saving efficiency program. This includes a workforce reduction of about 25%, 10% of which was cut since mid-2023, and another 15% following this year. These efforts are expected to help streamline operations and improve the company’s cost structure. 

Polestar is currently expanding its product portfolio with two high-margin SUVs, the Polestar 4 and Polestar 3. The Polestar 3, in particular, has successfully completed its test production runs in South Carolina, USA. Prototype production of the company’s next vehicle, the Polestar 5, which would be a high-performance GT, is expected to accelerate this year. 

Polestar CEO Ingenlath noted that the automaker is entering a new phase. “This marks a new phase in Polestar’s business. The efforts of recent years are paying off: We improved our cost basis, secured financing, and are ramping up our product offensive. Both SUVs now sharpen the brand, target one of the fastest growing segments in the industry, and position us for strong volume growth and profit margin progression from the second half of 2024,” he said. 

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Polestar announces $950M in external funding
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