Ford launches rare Platinum Black Edition F-150 Lightning

Credit: Ford

Ford launched a new version of the F-150 Lightning called the Platinum Black Edition earlier today, and with just 2,000 of them planned for production, it will be pretty rare.

It is also one of the best-looking pickups on the market, regardless of powertrain.

“Matte finishes are trending in homes, cosmetics, and now vehicles, while black is always in style,” Ford writes. “This powerful blend of trendy and classic takes the F-150 Lightning Platinum to the next level and makes the truck stand out next to conventional paint options.”

The truck will feature:

  • 22″ Matte Black Wheels and Lug Nuts
  • Black Ford Oval Badging
  • Power-Deployable Running Boards with Agate Black gloss accents
  • Soft-shell black tonneau cover
  • A distinctive smoked signature light bar
  • Reflective black-on-black Lightning badge that appears to glow when lights flash over it at night
  • An Agate Black gloss roof that blends in with the glass to create a smooth surface

Starting at $97,995, it will be the most expensive version of the company’s introductory electric pickup. It will sport 300 miles of all-electric range with an extended-range battery and will also be available to use with Ford BlueCruise.

Ford has ramped up production of the F-150 Lightning significantly, and it will now have even more manufacturing capacity as it has already completed the expansion of the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center after a six-week stoppage to perform upgrades.

The company will be able to build 150,000 units annually, and expects to reach that production rate by the Fall, it said.

Ford’s project to triple F-150 Lightning production is complete

“We have learned a lot from our first-ever EV truck customers, including a preference for technology and visual differentiation,” Martin Gjaja, Chief Customer Officer of the Model e unit, said. “We continue to refine the F-150 Lightning lineup to make the jump to an EV truck an easy choice for customers.”

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Ford launches rare Platinum Black Edition F-150 Lightning
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