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General Motors (GM) secures tentative deal with UAW, ending strike

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General Motors (GM) and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union have reached a tentative agreement, ending a six-week strike that has cost the automaker billions of dollars in lost production. 

The deal, which must still be ratified by UAW members, is the final one to be reached between the union and the Detroit Big Three. Ford and Stellantis reached tentative agreements with the UAW recently, with the former securing a tentative agreement on Friday and the latter following on Saturday. 

Citing sources reportedly familiar with the matter, CNBC noted that the talks between the UAW and General Motors occurred last night into the early morning of Monday. Spokespersons from GM and the UAW have yet to issue comments about the matter, however. 

While the full details of GM’s deal with the UAW have not yet been shared, the publication’s sources noted that the veteran automaker’s offer matches those of Ford and Stellantis.’ A 25% wage increase for GM workers was reportedly patterned after Ford’s initial deal with the union. 

The union has stated that Ford and Stellantis’ deals include raises and benefits that cumulatively boost workers’ top wage to over $40 an hour. A reduction of the eight-year path to top wages to three years, and the right to strike over plant closures, were also included. 

More importantly, the deals also reinstated cost-of-living adjustments, a key factor that had been a pain point for union members prior to the recent strike. 

The UAW adopted a more confrontational approach to the negotiations with the Detroit Big Three this year, breaking from previous strategies that involved the union bargaining with each automaker individually. This time around, the UAW initiated negotiations with all three automakers at once. Protests and strikes were also initiated against all three automakers as well. 

The UAW’s strike against the Detroit Big Three has cost automakers heavily, and it will result in more operating costs for Ford, GM, and Stellantis down the road. Deustche Bank estimated that the overall cost increase of Ford’s UAW agreement would be around $6.2 billion over the deal’s term. The bank also estimated that GM would see an overall cost increase of $7.2 billion, and Stellantis would see an overall cost increase of $6.4 billion. 

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General Motors (GM) secures tentative deal with UAW, ending strike
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