Genesis GV80 Concept

Genesis unveils next step in performance EVs

Credit: Genesis

Genesis has unveiled the GV80 electric SUV concept, which shows an unusual next step in performance EVs for the brand.

Genesis has been on a mission to take on the world’s top luxury automotive brands since its inception, but it has never been closer to competing with the likes of BMW and Mercedes than now. With the entrance of its first electric offerings, including the G80 sedan and GV70 SUV, the brand is battling with the best for dominance in the luxury EV market. Now, Genesis has shown off its newest concept vehicle, which could define how the brand moves forward in the near future, the GV80.

The exterior design of the GV80 concept is a direct threat to the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLC Coupe, which have come to define the unique “SUV Coupe” segment. However, with the Genesis spin on the design, notably including the striking headlights and taillights, it certainly couldn’t be called a copy.

As previous design reveals, Genesis did not specify many mechanical specifications of the GV80, instead opting to show off its design potential. However, the brand did point out that, along with a rear-wheel-drive platform, integrated roll cage, and bucket seats, this is a high-performance-oriented SUV.

Genesis has created a unique design language over the past five years, which is clearly paying off in the new GV80 concept. The sizeable diamond-shaped grill, aggressive colorway, and swooping profile all make their way onto the concept vehicle, all of which have become staples of the brand.

Beyond these first impressions, the GV80 also takes inspiration from previously released Genesis concept vehicles, specifically the Genesis Speedium concepts, which have garnered incredible attention since their debut four years ago.

Looking at the interior of the Genesis GV80, the focus on performance becomes even more apparent. If the aforementioned bucket seats and integrated roll cage don’t convince you that the vehicle is performance-oriented, Genesis even offers the on-the-nose picture of a racing helmet placed on the center console. Though outside of these performance upgrades, the interior remains starkly luxury oriented.

Instead of an aggressive squared-off steering wheel that has become all-too-common within the auto industry, Genesis opted for a circular wheel and a reasonably typical-looking center infotainment system, reminiscent of the most recent BMW i7 with its long and narrow front screen. Both options wouldn’t be labeled “performance-oriented” in the modern auto industry.

With the luxury EV segment remaining one of the most competitive markets in the automotive world, Genesis must continue bringing great offerings to customers in the coming years. With this showing today, the company is on track to achieve just that. Hopefully, Genesis’s concepts, like the GV80, can make it to production sooner rather than later.

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Genesis unveils next step in performance EVs
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