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Genesis unveils gorgeous electric convertible, suited for a French chateau

Credit: Genesis

Genesis has unveiled its Genesis X Convertible concept vehicle, and if this is the future of Genesis design, everyone should be excited.

Unbeknownst to many, Genesis has been undergoing a radical design revolution over the past 5-10 years, and it is clear that they intend to compete with the best. No vehicles have better exemplified this profound design change than the trio of “X concept” vehicles released by the company, and the new X Convertible may be the most beautiful of them all.

The Genesis X Convertible is preceded by the Genesis X Speedium Coupe and the X Concept concepts released earlier this year and last year, respectively. Like its predecessors, the X Convertible is based on the same electric drivetrain and design architecture. Sadly, no technical specifications have been released for the new vehicle.

Perhaps the best element seen between all three vehicles is the signature headlights that span the front and then extend down the sides of the cars to the front doors. Another common design element is the cockpit-esque driver’s seating area, reminiscent of the most recent Chevy Corvette model, with all of the controls oriented toward the driver.

Genesis also outlined some significant differentiators of the X Convertible compared to its predecessors. The interior of the Convertible was designed with Korean design in mind, notably including colors “Giwa” Navy Blue (named after traditional Korean Giwa roof tiles) and Dancheong Orange (named after the traditional decorative colorings on traditional Korean wooden buildings). These colors balance the “Crane White” exterior and maintain the elegant nature of the vehicle.

Genesis didn’t comment on if these vehicles would ever make it to a production version, but the intention to bring design elements from them to real vehicles certainly exists. For instance, the flush front lightbar design is prominently seen in Genesis’ newest electrified sedan, the electric G80.

Hyundai/Kia has been rapidly pushing towards electrification in recent years, and they clearly intend for their Genesis luxury brand to be a part of that transition. Still, while Genesis’ press release is full of claims that it is “in the process of transitioning…into a company that will deliver products for customers to enjoy,” it remains unclear what those future products will be and how an ever more crowded luxury market will receive them.

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Genesis unveils gorgeous electric convertible, suited for a French chateau
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