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GM CFO estimates variable EV profitability in second half of 2024

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General Motors (GM) may not be catching up to electric vehicle leaders like Tesla anytime soon, but CFO Paul Jacobson has noted that the automaker’s EV business is still on the right path. The executive seemed optimistic about GM’s electric vehicle business, even noting that he sees variable profitability being achieved sometime in the second half of 2024. 

With variable profitability achieved in 2024, Jacobson noted that fully-accounted profit in GM’s electric vehicle business could be anticipated about a year later, in 2025. The CFO did state that a number of factors would affect the profitability of GM’s EV business, such as lower costs of commodities and improvements in EV manufacturing, as noted in a Yahoo Finance report

While GM’s stance on its EV business is quite optimistic, CFRA analyst Garrett Nelson has stated that it would be pretty shocking if the automaker does achieve profitability in 2024. “I would be shocked if they hit EV profitability this year,” Nelson said. He also noted in a segment with Yahoo Finance that GM might not achieve profitability in its EV business for “at least the next two or three years.” 

GM’s electric vehicle efforts were hampered somewhat in 2023, with a company spokesperson noting that the automaker would have $1.7 billion in reserves for losses related to the company’s existing EV inventory in Q4 2023. GM CEO Mary Barra also noted that it’s true the “pace of EV growth has slowed, which has created some uncertainty.” Barra also stated during the automaker’s earnings call that the automaker has the flexibility to build more hybrids if necessary, though growth in EVs remains a top priority. 

Apart from a potential shift in the company’s EV strategy, GM also noted that it is working to refocus and relaunch its self-driving robotaxi efforts in its Cruise subsidiary, which uses heavily modified all-electric Chevy Bolt EVs. In GM’s 2023 financial results, the company noted that it lost nearly $2.7 billion before taxes in Cruise. The automaker also intends to reduce its spending on the self-driving unit this 2024. 

CFRA analyst Garrett Nelson’s Yahoo Finance segment can be viewed below.

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GM CFO estimates variable EV profitability in second half of 2024
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