GM shows full support for Biden, doubling down on EV development and adoption

(Credit: GM)

General Motors CEO and Chairman Mary Barra showed support for US President-elect Joe Biden as well as further electric vehicle development and EV adoption in the United States. On Monday, November  24, Barra declared in a letter that GM would no longer support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California setting its own clean-air standards. 

According to the Associated Press, the move reveals the change Biden could bring to the auto industry once he is inaugurated into office. In 2019, GM, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, along with ten other automakers, created a group called the Coalition for Sustainable Automotive Regulation, which sided with the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s right to set its own clean-air standards. 

Barra sent the letter after talking with Mary Nichols, the head of California’s Air Resources Board, the state’s air pollution regulator. Now GM and Toyota seem to have dropped their support for the lawsuit. However, Toyota maintains its support for a unitary fuel economy standard across all 50 US states.

“Given the changing circumstances, we are assessing the situation, but remain committed to our goal of a consistent, unitary set of fuel economy standards applicable in all 50 states,” Toyota said.

In her letter, Barra expressed GM’s support for Biden’s plan to expand EV adoption in the United States. “We believe the ambitious electrification goals of the President-elect, California, and General Motors are aligned, to address climate change by drastically reducing automobile emissions,” she wrote. The President-elect wants the US to become a major player in the global EV industry in the coming years. 

Besides revealing GM’s renewed stance on the lawsuit and a Biden administration, Barra also wrote about the company’s plans for electric vehicle adoption in the future in her letter. 

Last week, GM presented its plans to invest more in EV and autonomous vehicle (AV) development, announcing a total investment of over $27 billion to the endeavor through 2023. The legacy automaker also announced its goal to offer 30 all-electric vehicles by 2025 and estimated that 40% of its US entries would be BEVs in five years. 

“Climate change is real, and we want to be part of the solution by putting everyone in an electric vehicle,” said GM’s Chairman and CEO. “We are transitioning to an all-electric portfolio from a position of strength and we’re focused on growth. We can accelerate our EV plans because we are rapidly building a competitive advantage in batteries, software, vehicle integration, manufacturing and customer experience.”

GM shows full support for Biden, doubling down on EV development and adoption
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