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GM launches unique EV charging infrastructure program

An EV driver charges a Cadillac LYRIQ at a new GM community charging station in Owosso, Michigan. - Credit: General Motors

GM has launched the “Dealer Community Charging Program” ahead of the launches of numerous EVs from its brands.

General Motors (GM) dealers aren’t the most popular crowd. Critics point out problems with price gouging and poor customer experiences. But GM is now leveraging a strength of its dealership network, its vast size. And it will use its extensive network to aid in expanding EV charging across the nation.

The Dealer Community Charging Program is a relatively simple one. GM Dealers participating in the program can receive up to 10 level 2 chargers each. These chargers will be placed in easy-to-reach public locations – libraries, hospitals, parks, etc. – and not just at dealerships. GM notes that the program will target locations with few or no EV chargers. Furthermore, the chargers will be open to all EVs, not just GM products.

This is where GM’s nationwide reach comes into play. According to GM VP Hoss Hassani, 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a GM dealership, whether that be Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac. Hence, the program could easily reach every corner of the United States. And with over 1,000 dealers already participating, that might be possible.

GM has the goal of placing 40,000 chargers in total. Dealers have already placed the first chargers in Marshfield, Wisconsin, and Owosso, Michigan.

“Our dealers are deeply involved and trusted in their communities and are well positioned to determine locations that expand access to EV charging, including at small businesses, entertainment venues, schools, and other popular destinations,” said Hoss Hassani, vice president of GM EV Ecosystem. “Our dealers are an important enabler of our all-electric future and, in many cases, will be the catalyst for EV adoption in communities that would otherwise have limited EV infrastructure. Combined with their exceptional ability to service EV drivers across North America, our dealers are now helping to make charging possible across much of the continent.”

General Motors will also expand EV fast charging along major roadways via an investment of $750 million. The company states that this money will equate to roughly 3,250 new fast chargers along U.S. highways.

Legacy automakers are finally realizing, as Tesla has, the importance of EV infrastructure. And while GM is far from the only automaker/auto group to be investing in EV charging, it is a great thing to see nonetheless. Hopefully, through this expansion of infrastructure, the stigma of EVs having nowhere to charge will slowly deteriorate and perhaps lead to more EV buyers in the near future.

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GM launches unique EV charging infrastructure program
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