Jeep Avenger

The first Jeep EV is coming to Europe with more on the way

(Credit: Jeep)

Jeep unveiled their first ever electric vehicle, the Jeep Avenger, at the Paris Motor Show.

The Jeep Avenger and the rest of the brand’s upcoming EV lineup we announced earlier this year at the brand’s 4xe event. The Jeep Avenger is Jeep’s first-ever EV, and it will only be available in Europe, while multiple other EVs will be available in the US within the coming year(s).

The Jeep Avenger is far from groundbreaking in specs, but it fits the European market well due to its market-specific nature. The Jeep Avenger is powered by a 54kWh battery, capable of a WLTP range of 400 kilometers (249 miles), and can charge from 20-80% in 24 minutes. The battery is hooked up to a single front-wheel-drive motor system producing 115kW (156 horsepower) and 260 newton-meters (192 pound-feet) of torque.

While the crossover is far from a supercar, Jeep hopes to attract customers with software offerings. The crossover will be level 2 self-driving capable and feature phone integration for battery management, air conditioning, and other settings.

Perhaps an essential specification that hasn’t been released is the vehicle’s pricing. However, looking at the rest of Jeep’s European lineup may yield a reasonable estimate. Currently, the brand offers the Jeep Renegade and Compass in Europe as their crossover PHEV options, ranging in starting price from 30,950 euros ($30,088) to 37,450 euros ($36,408). With the Avenger being an EV, it will likely be more expensive than these options, but it could be priced at roughly 40,000 euros ($38,887).

For the Americans, who are jealous that the Europeans are getting the first cut of the pie, have no fear. The American offroading brand will introduce two other EV models to the US in the coming years. The Jeep Recon will be the EV variant of the Wrangler lineup, made for extreme offroading, while the Jeep Grand Wagoneer S will be the brand’s large EV SUV offering in the States.

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The first Jeep EV is coming to Europe with more on the way
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