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Canoo defies the odds, receives another huge order for electric vans

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Canoo has announced another massive order for their electric vans, with Kingbee ordering nearly 10,000 units.

Canoo has made a 180-degree turn compared to earlier this year when it announced they were nearing bankruptcy. Since then, the company has received thousands of orders, most notably from Walmart, for their Lifestyle Vehicle (LV) and Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) vans. Now, the company has added another order for nearly 10,000 vehicles to their list, this time from Kingbee, a work-ready van rental company.

The binding order from Kingbee vans is for 9,300 Canoo vehicles, with the option to increase their order to 18,600 vehicles in the future. Kingbee will be retrofitting the completed vans for construction work and deploying them over the 27 states where they operate. No timeline for introducing these vehicles was included in the press release.

Despite other options, such as the Ford E-Transit, Kingbee CEO Scott Haslam still believes Canoo vans are their best option. “Canoo vehicles are designed specifically for fleets to be upfit and last multiple users. This is exactly what we need. Our assets are our business, and we need products that provide the best driver experience with durability.”

Tony Aquila, Chairman & CEO at Canoo, agreed with the sentiment regarding his product’s fleet design, further claiming that Canoo vans hold the title for “class-leading ROI.”

Canoo commented to Teslarati that their product’s customization is also a feature that has attracted customers. “New and legacy innovators recognize a need for safety, efficiency, and productivity in their fleet portfolio. Our LDV has it all in a fully electric multi-generational platform, with market-pushing customization, that is made to last and outperform expectations.”

Along with this nearly 10,000 vehicle order, Canoo has pre-existing orders from Walmart and Zeeba totaling roughly 10,000 vehicles, leading to the question; where does the brand plan on manufacturing these 20,000 units? Currently, Canoo has two production facilities. One in Northwestern Arkansas and another in Northeastern Oklahoma; however, it is unclear if these facilities are now in production or how many vehicles they have produced.

In a comment to Teslarati, Canoo clarified their production schedule saying, “[we] are finalizing our multi-year allocations for 2023 customer deliveries and will share our manufacturing plan with the broader market shortly.” Also, noting that “we haven’t shared our customer fulfillment schedule yet, but our CEO has shared that we will deliver product for fleet order for Walmart first.”

Canoo has yet to post its Q3 results regarding financials or production numbers, but looking back to Q2 of this year, the company was still struggling with profitability. More worryingly for investors, despite Walmart’s already completed order for vehicles, they had not (at the time) announced that any units had been produced for delivery.

These more recent deals that Canoo has established may be the turnaround that the company desperately needed, but they aren’t out of the woods yet. Investors and consumers alike are looking for the ordered models to be produced. Without further evidence that they are moving towards that objective, they may find themselves in the same situation as earlier this year.

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Canoo defies the odds, receives another huge order for electric vans
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