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Kia EV9 images leak ahead of launch

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The upcoming Kia EV9 has been leaked ahead of its official launch, which is set for tomorrow.

Kia has slowly built a sizable following for its EV6 electric SUV. Its bold styling and impressive specs have brought in thousands of customers globally and countless industry awards, and Kia’s next EV series vehicle, the EV9, is set to do much of the same. Now, images of the Kia EV9 have been leaked ahead of its official launch.

Images of the upcoming electric full-size SUV leaked on the KiaEV Forum yesterday, showing an overview of the vehicle, its driver’s corner profile, and its front seats and dash.

It should be noted that Kia has not confirmed these images, and they do have some stark differences from the teaser video released last week. Perhaps the most obvious is the lack of the light-up grill that appeared on the Instagram post from Kia. However, it does seem that both the leaked images and the Kia video have a very similar side profile.


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Not many specifications are known about the upcoming SUV, though the Korean automaker has previously outlined that it aims to provide roughly 300 miles of range and the same incredible charging speeds found on the EV6, 350kW through an 800-volt architecture.

The Kia EV9 is set to be in a league of its own, primarily due to the lack of large electric 3-row offerings. Besides the Tesla Model X, there are essentially no electric options for those who need to carry more than five passengers. And while electric trucks are quickly coming to the market, large SUVs have yet to do so.

Luckily, besides Kia, there are a few other large SUV’s that we can expect in the coming years. Ford plans to introduce another SUV in the coming weeks, which could be based on the F150 Lightning platform that would provide plenty of space for a full-size SUV body. Porsche has also revealed that it will introduce a larger SUV in the coming years, though you shouldn’t hold your breath, seeing as it aims to hit the market in the second half of this decade.

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Kia EV9 images leak ahead of launch
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