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Kia EV9 reveal date announced with new teaser video

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Kia has teased the upcoming Kia EV9 and announced its reveal date, March 15th.

With the massive success of the Kia EV6 and Hyundai IONIQ 5 sibling, there is no wonder that there is a strong following for the Korean automaker’s newest offering, set to be bigger and better than ever before. The Kia EV9 will be the brand’s foray into electric full-size SUVs, and today, Kia announced it would be revealing the production version on March 15th in a new teaser video.

The Kia teaser video, posted on the brand’s Instagram account, shows very little of the SUV but does highlight some new aspects that have not been seen before.


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The boxy profile has become synonymous with the EV9 since the prototype version was shown off in the second half of last year, but its unique front grill has not been shown in such detail previously. Ironically, the vehicle shares many design elements with the IONIQ series of Hyundai electric vehicles, including the light pixels as part of the front lighting scheme, the hyper-angular design, and even its sharp taillights.

That isn’t to say that the Kia design language has been entirely erased, that is far from the case. As seen on the vehicle’s profile, it maintains the smooth flowy look of the EV6, as well as the now quintessential Kia design element of the upward swoop toward the back of the vehicle.

Not much is known about the EV9’s specifications, but we know it will be a significant part of Kia’s planned 11 all-electric models by 2026. The specifications that have been made public include a range of roughly 300 miles and a charging speed of roughly 350kW, much like other vehicles in the automaker’s lineup.

With such strong demand for electric full-size SUVs and very few options currently on the market, Kia is poised to dominate if it can get the vehicle to showrooms quickly enough. The first vehicles are expected to reach customers sometime in 2024, but Kia has not yet made a production or delivery schedule public.

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Kia EV9 reveal date announced with new teaser video
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