Las Vegas Tesla Supercharger is now open for business

The long-awaited Tesla Supercharger in Las Vegas, NV has arrived and now open for business.

Las Vegas Tesla Supercharger open for businessLas Vegas is one of the most frequented travel destinations for Southern California residents due to its close proximity to the city. At approximately 260 miles away from Los Angeles, reaching “Sin City” on a single charge in a Tesla Model S is a bit of a stretch, even for those with the larger 85 kWh battery pack, which boasts the longest range for any electric vehicle on the market today.

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Barstow, CA, the halfway point between Los Angeles to Las Vegas, was one of the earliest sites to have a Tesla Supercharger. But because Las Vegas sits at over 2,000 feet above elevation, a fact that many people don’t realize, traversing the hilly desert freeway requires a much heavier draw on the Model S battery. Moving a 4,600+ pound vehicle up a steep incline, not taking into account the additional weight from passengers and luggage, requires a substantial drain on the lithium-ion battery pack, and can potentially expend four times more energy than it would on trips that encounter little to no uphill travel.  Model S owners found themselves reaching Las Vegas with a few miles left on the dashboard even after receiving a healthy charge-up at the Barstow station.

With the new Las Vegas Tesla Supercharger now in operation, owners of the Model S and the upcoming Model X are able to quickly top off the battery and continue on their journey without having to worry about an overnight charge in one of the EV provisioned mega hotels.


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