Lilium e-VTOL achieves new top-speed in test flight

Credit: Lilium

Lilium, a leader in e-VTOL electric aircraft, has posted a video showing its 155 MPH top-speed test flight.

Many are hoping that electric vehicles on the ground can help people around the globe reduce carbon emissions and generally lead to improved air quality. Still, some companies, including Lilium, hope to take that same technology to the skies. The Lilium eVTOL (electric Vertical TakeOff and Landing) jet has already taken off, but today, the company showed the jet at its maximum speed, 155 MPH.

The 155 MPH teaser was posted on Lilium’s Instagram account this morning, showing how far the small prototype aircraft has come since its inception.


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The Lilium jet is significantly different from any other aircraft produced today, electric or otherwise. Most importantly, it is designed around VTOL capabilities, with the turbines able to swivel downwards to hover, land, and take off without a runway. It is also unique that the jet uses electric turbines instead of traditional propellers found on numerous other electric planes. However, like other electric planes, Lilium has designed its aircraft for short regional flights and only plans to seat seven passengers.

Currently, the Lilium jet seats zero passengers and not even a pilot. During its recent flight tests, the aircraft’s smaller “single seat” variant is piloted from the ground but is working towards a human-piloted flight in the near future.

Luckily, this ambitious project isn’t just some pipe dream. Not only has it already shown itself to be a flight-capable platform and can hit the high speeds it advertises, but it has already acquired orders from companies in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, all looking to use the jet in the coming years.

Currently, Lilium is working with both European and American regulators to ensure that the aircraft is safe for flight in both regions but is ever encroaching on hitting the skies within the coming decade. Hopefully, with projects like the Lilium jet and others, aviation can soon become a cleaner and more sustainable industry.

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Lilium e-VTOL achieves new top-speed in test flight
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