Tesla’s Elon Musk shares sneak peek at Cybertruck production line

Credit: Elon Musk/X

The Tesla Cybertruck first delivery event is almost here. Social media is rife with posts from attendees waiting in line for the event. Elon Musk and other Tesla executives have started posting about the occasion on X as well. Musk, for his part, shared something quite exciting in the form of the Tesla Cybertruck production line. 

Musk’s image was taken at the Cybertruck’s assembly line in Giga Texas. The all-electric pickup trucks, which are fully assembled, seem to be ready to be handed over to their new owners. It would not be surprising if the vehicles in Musk’s post on X will be the ones that will be delivered later today. 

The photo of the Cybertruck production line is especially interesting because the vehicle still looks unreal until now. Yes, the Cybertruck was unveiled four years ago, but seeing several of them gathered in one place ready for delivery still gives serious CGI vibes. Such is the nature of the Cybertruck, perhaps, since its design is quite literally out of this world. 

Apart from Musk, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen also shared an image of the Cybertruck from within Gigafactory Texas. The Design Chief’s photo showed a Cybertruck body-in-white being displayed. The vehicle’s two megacasts could also be seen in the picture, together with a sign that explained the use of giga-casted parts for the vehicle. 

Seemingly highlighting the special nature of the event, Tesla teardown titan Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates was also sighted by EV fans driving a Cybertruck. After exiting the all-electric pickup truck, an evidently excited Munro stated that the Cybertruck handled really well during his drive. He also noted that the vehicle would be big. 

“This is big, and I mean it sincerely. It handles really, really well. I mean, I can’t say enough good about it,” Munro said. 

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Tesla’s Elon Musk shares sneak peek at Cybertruck production line
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