Tesla Cybertruck production line tour videos shared online

Credit: Ryan McCaffrey/X

The Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled four years ago, but the vehicle’s development was so secretive that leaks about the all-electric pickup truck were practically nonexistent. Even as the number of release candidates increased on public roads, details about the Cybertruck’s specs and production remained unknown to the public. 

This was why it was quite surprising that Tesla was reportedly generous enough to allow attendees of the Cybertruck first delivery event to share videos of the all-electric pickup truck’s production line. And thus, images of the Cybertruck’s components, as well as videos of the robots and machinery that produce the vehicle, have been shared online. 

Immediately noticeable from the videos that have been shared by attendees was the sheer size of the Cybertruck’s components. While the Cybertruck’s battery pack looks surprisingly compact as per an image shared by longtime Tesla owner and podcaster Ryan McCaffrey, the vehicle’s other components, such as its windshield, are evidently massive. Some features, such as the pickup truck’s powered frunk and steer-by-wire system, were also confirmed. 

Videos shared by noted Tesla influencers such as Tesla Owners Silicon Valley and Sawyer Merritt also showed some of Giga Texas’ Cybertruck production robots in action. Similar to Tesla’s other facilities, Giga Texas’ vehicle production line is mesmerizing to watch. One could not be faulted for describing it as a symphony of machinery — one whose product is something that has to be seen to be believed. 

Also featured in the production line videos are some of the Cybertruck’s key features, such as its “Beast Mode,” which, as per a sign from the electric vehicle maker, is focused on the all-electric pickup truck’s rear drive unit. As noted in Tesla’s poster, “Cyberbeast features a rear drive unit with dual induction machines, active torque vectoring, and an electro-mechanical, front-locking differential producing a combined 845 HP.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared an image of the Cybertruck’s production line as well. Musk’s photo showed several completed Cybertrucks that looked like they were ready to be delivered to consumers. It would not be surprising if the Cybertrucks that were featured by the CEO in his post on X would be the vehicles that will be delivered later today.

Less than 30 minutes remain before the Cybertruck’s first delivery event begins. 

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Tesla Cybertruck production line tour videos shared online
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