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Lordstown Endurance pickup truck sees shockingly low EPA range estimate

Credit: Lordstown Motors

The Lordstown Endurance all-electric pickup truck’s range estimate from the EPA has been released, and it is surprisingly low. Despite the vehicle being equipped with a pretty hefty 109-kWh battery pack, the Endurance has been listed with a very conservative 174 miles of combined EPA range.

A look at the Endurance’s page on fueleconomy.gov would show that the vehicle only boasts 48 MPGe. That’s comparable to the GMC Hummer EV, whose EPA documents pointed to an combined efficiency of 47 MPGe. And considering that the Endurance is a far smaller and lighter pickup truck compared to the hulking Hummer EV, its efficiency is evidently subpar.

What is quite unfortunate about the Endurance is the fact that the vehicle already had conservative target specs to begin with. As could be seen in its review from Car and Driver, Lordstown was expecting a range of just about 200 miles for the vehicle. That was already notably lower than the range of comparable pickup trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T.

Also noteworthy is Lordstown’s fall from grace over the years. It should be noted that there was a time when the Endurance was expected to be a pioneer in the electric pickup truck segment, with Lordstown estimating that it could beat rivals like Ford and Rivian to market. The company has also declared that it had seen 100,000 pre-orders for the Endurance from prospective customers, a claim that attracted the attention of “forensic financial research” firm Hindenburg Research.

The production of the Endurance has started, but it has seen its own fair share of delays as well. Initial production started in September 2022, but by February 2023, the company announced that it was pausing the production and deliveries of the Endurance. Recalls also added to the company’s challenges, and statements from the company later revealed that only a very few Endurance pickup trucks have been sold.

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Lordstown Endurance pickup truck sees shockingly low EPA range estimate
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