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Lordstown Endurance pickup truck production and deliveries halted

Credit: Lordstown Motors

Electric vehicle manufacturer Lordstown Motors has announced a temporary halt in the production and delivery of the Endurance, its all-electric pickup truck. Regulatory filings have indicated that Lordstown had produced 31 vehicles for sale and delivered six units as of January 3, 2023. 

Lordstown cited issues with certain components’ performance and quality as the reason behind the Endurance’s production and delivery suspension, though it stated that it is working with suppliers to address the vehicle’s issues. Potential solutions include “part design modifications, retrofits, and software updates,” as noted in a CNBC report. 

Apart from the stop in the Endurance’s production and deliveries, the company will also be voluntarily recalling 19 units of the all-electric pickup truck. The recall is aimed at addressing a “specific electrical connection issue that could result in a loss of propulsion while driving.” The company stated that it is working with suppliers to roll out a solution that could address the issue. 

The electric pickup truck maker did not indicate a specific timeframe for when it will resume production and deliveries of the Endurance. The company also noted that vehicles waiting for shipment and in process at the factory will be fixed. 

Colleen Robar, a spokesperson for Lordstown, has stated that the automaker has no knowledge of any injuries related to the recalled vehicles. Robar also noted that the issues with the Endurance have not resulted in any fire incidents. Lordstown CEO Edward Hightower highlighted the company’s commitment to its customers

“While our experienced team has made significant progress in addressing the underlying component and vehicle sub-system issues affecting the Endurance build schedule, we remain committed to doing the right thing by our customers and to resolve potential issues before resuming production and customer shipments,” he said. 

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Lordstown Endurance pickup truck production and deliveries halted
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