Model X will be part of van pool fleet in Los Angeles

Model X in red

Green Commuter is a ride sharing service for commuters in Los Angeles that is adding a number of Tesla Model X vehicles to its fleet. Its CEO, Gustavo Occhiuzzo, seems to be channeling Elon Musk when he says, “Current van pool commuters only use their vans between 10 to 15 hours per week. That’s only 6 to 9 percent of the time during any given week, leaving the van unused for the remaining 91 to 94 percent of time.”

He goes on to say, “Green Commuter developed an app that enables the synergy between the van pool and car share systems that will dramatically increase the benefits for all users and maximize the use of the vehicles.” That sounds quite similar to Elon Musk’s remarks recently about the Model X serving as the basis for a minibus that will ease urban congestion. The only thing missing is that Green Commuter’s vehicles will not drive themselves the way Musk’s minibus will.

The Green Commuter software allows its fleet of Model X SUVs to be used by workers traveling to and from their jobs during rush hour. The rest of the time, the vehicles will be used as a car share for all Green Commuter members.

“Angelenos understand traffic and care about the environment. We offer a premium all-electric vanpool option that’s affordable,” says Occhiuzzo. He adds that his company is the first to use only zero emissions vehicles instead of traditional gasoline vans.

The company is launching an Indiegogo campaign this month. If successful, it will allow it to offer its services at discounted rates. The plan is to use the reduced rates as a way of introducing the service to commuters. Package prices will start at $10 an hour and $150 for a weekend rental. Since the vehicles in the fleet seldom get used on weekends, customers will be able to drive one on Saturday and Sunday quite inexpensively for local trips or excursions to Las Vegas.

Green Commuter customers will be able to lease a Model X on a monthly basis, with total commuting costs the same or less than the rates charged by other van pool operators who use traditional vehicles.

Source: AutoTrader


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