Panasonic selects Kansas as site of its North American 4680 plant: report

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Tesla battery supplier Panasonic has reportedly decided to build its next battery plant in Kansas, USA. The facility is expected to provide high-capacity 4680 battery cells to American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. 

Reports of Panasonic’s upcoming United States plant have been around for several months now. Back in March, the Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (NHK) or the Japan Broadcasting Corporation published a report stating that Panasonic had shortlisted Kansas and Oklahoma as potential sites for its new battery factory. 

As noted in a recent Nikkei Asia report, Panasonic opted for Kansas due to a variety of factors, such as its proximity to Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas facility and some favorable tax deals. The Japanese company is reportedly expecting to invest several billion dollars in its Kansas battery plant. 

Panasonic has adopted a number of aggressive targets for its battery production activities. Panasonic reportedly aims to triple or even quadruple its EV battery production capacity by fiscal 2028 from its current 50 GWh per year. If successful, Panasonic’s capacity could reach 150-200 GWh by fiscal 2028. 

Panasonic will likely be busy in the near future. The company reportedly plans to install two production lines at its battery component facility in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan in fiscal 2023. The facility could then begin to produce 4680 cells for Tesla. The investment is expected to cost about 80 billion yen ($580 million). 

Tesla’s 4680 battery cells are expected to carry the electric vehicle maker’s lineup over the coming years. With vehicles like the Cybertruck and the Semi entering production next year, Tesla would need to secure a strong supply of 4680 cells, even if it needs to tap into numerous sources to do so. These include Panasonic and LG Energy Solution, as well as the electric car maker’s own battery production efforts. 

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Panasonic selects Kansas as site of its North American 4680 plant: report
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