Porsche reveals details on the Taycan’s Electric Pit Stop charging system

Back in August, Otmar Bitsche, Porsche’s Director of Development Electrics, Electronics, and Electromobility outlined the idea for the Taycan’s dedicated charging solution. While speaking about the charging system that would be supporting the all-electric sedan, Bitsche mentioned the legacy automaker’s upcoming charging parks, which will host the company’s in-house charging systems.

Porsche’s charging parks are not unlike Tesla’s Supercharger Network, in the way that they would be set up in key locations that enable owners to charge their vehicles in a way that is convenient and quick. New details on this charging system were recently released, and the company has even revealed its name — the Electric Pit Stop.

Porsche’s Electric Pit Stops utilize a clever design that includes weatherproof, modular blocks called FlexBoxes. These FlexBoxes are outfitted with all the necessary components of a standard charging rack, but due to its modular structure, the units could be positioned a distance away from the PowerBox (the unit that contains the actual charging cable). True to their moniker, the FlexBoxes are pretty flexible, as Porsche could have them installed behind buildings or hedges, helping the PowerBox maintain a sleek, futuristic appearance.

The German legacy automaker notes that the charging parks also feature low operating costs, considering that the system is equipped with intelligent functions. The control server of the transformer station, for one, is capable of bringing together all the information from multiple control units of the charging hardware. Porsche notes that such a system boosts efficiency by up to 95%, making the Electric Pit Stops cheaper to maintain than comparable charging systems in the market today.

Apart from the FlexBox, Porsche also discussed the design of the ChargeBox, which is equipped with both a power unit and an additional battery storage unit that recharges when no vehicle is plugged in. Just like the FlexBoxes, Porsche’s ChargeBoxes are modular, making them ideal for areas without medium-voltage grid connections. The ChargeBox will be rolled out in two configurations — an entry-level model with a 70 kWh battery and a 160 kW charging station.

Perhaps most notable in Porsche’s recent announcement of its Electric Pit Stops is that the entire system will be compatible with all electric vehicles from every manufacturer in the future. This seems to be a direct response to Tesla’s statement back in the Q1 2018 earnings call, when Elon Musk noted that any interested electric car maker could partner with the Supercharger Network provided that they pay a fee and use an adapter.

“The idea is for electric vehicles from all manufacturers to be able to charge up here. A large, 10-inch touch display offers a wide variety of options for interacting with the customer. Altogether, this meticulously devised concept is intended to ensure that the customer’s experience of the charging process is uncomplicated and pleasant,” Porsche wrote. 

Porsche’s Electric Pit Stops would likely start operations when the Taycan, the company’s first all-electric car, begins rolling out sometime next year. The company is yet to reveal the final production version of the upcoming vehicle, but it has already opened pre-orders for the all-electric car. Back in July, Porsche Managing Director Alexander Pollich noted that so far, the reception to the Taycan from the company’s customers has been incredibly encouraging.

The full details of Porsche’s Electric Pit Stops could be accessed here.

Porsche reveals details on the Taycan’s Electric Pit Stop charging system
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