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President Biden set for Detroit Auto Show appearance to promote EVs

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President Joe Biden will be in Detroit later today for the annual Detroit Auto Show, where he will promote the United States’ transition to electric vehicles (EVs), a heavy point of emphasis for the current Commander-in-Chief.

Biden’s Presidential tenure thus far has been full of EV-supportive legislature, most recently backed by the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, which aims to encourage consumers to purchase sustainable powertrains. Meanwhile, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will set aside $7.5 billion for 500,000 EV chargers, $7 billion for securing minerals for manufacturers building batteries and other necessary components, and $10 billion for clean transit at zero-emissions school buses.

Finally, the CHIPS and Science Act will make investments in the domestic capacity for semiconductor production.

Biden has been a heavy supporter of the EV movement and has set aside billions of dollars to help fund and grow the transition to electric cars. Today, the President will meet with GM CEO Mary Barra, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavarez and Chairman John Elkann, and Ford’s Chairman Bill Ford Jr. at the Detroit Auto Show before making remarks and checking out some of the companies’ most recent developments in their electrification efforts, Reuters said.

In June, the White House announced more than $700 million in private sector commitments for EV charging infrastructure alone. Biden’s White House has also headed numerous investments and loans to companies in the U.S. to help surge their acquisition of battery cells or the materials for them:

  • Toyota announced an additional $2.5 billion investment in a Greensboro, North Carolina manufacturing facility.
  • Honda and LG Energy Solution announced a $4.4 billion joint venture in a to-be-announced location in the U.S.
  • Ford Motor Company announced it will invest $3.7 billion in assembly plants in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri and create 6200 jobs.
  • Panasonic announced a $4 billion plant in De Soto, Kansas that will create 4,000 jobs.  Panasonic is also reportedly evaluating a similar investment in an additional new battery factory.
  • Vinfast announced a more than $5 billion investment in building electric vehicles and batteries in North Carolina that will create 13,000 jobs.
  • Hyundai announced a $5.5 billion investment to build electric vehicles and batteries near Savannah, Georgia
  • Through DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program, the Department of Energy announced a $2.5 billion loan in July 2022 to General Motors for battery manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said the Detroit Auto Show will help display some of the emerging tech of legacy automakers that will eventually help the companies overtake Tesla. “I think you are going to see the Detroit auto companies overtake Tesla and compete with Chinese companies who are also very far down the road on electric vehicles,” Duggan said.

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President Biden set for Detroit Auto Show appearance to promote EVs
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