Revel COO explains how Tesla Model Y fleet can help familiarize commuters to EVs

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Revel launched its 100% electric all-Tesla car fleet recently. Exactly 50 Tesla Model Y cars make up Revel’s debut all-electric rideshare fleet.

“Our goal and everything that we try to do as a company is to lead citizens into a zero-carbon future. That’s what we’re thinking about,” explained Revel co-founder and COO Paul Suhey.

Based on Suhey’s explanation, Tesla and Revel seem to share similar goals. Revel’s goal certainly aligns with Elon Musk’s plans for Tesla in his Master Plan. The Revel co-founder noted that Revel’s new Tesla Model Y rideshare service introduces and exposes more people to electric vehicles.

As shared by the driver behind New York’s Tesla Model 3 yellow taxi, many passengers are still unfamiliar with Tesla vehicles or electric cars in general. Revel hopes to help passengers familiarize themselves with electric cars through its Tesla Model Y rideshare fleet.

Suhey elaborated that Revel believes the most impactful action it can do right now is integrate an electric rideshare service with the buildout of charging infrastructure. In June, Revel unveiled its first fast-charging stations or superhubs in New York.

“Our goal is broad electrification. And one thing that we’re already seeing even with just one fast supercharging hub on the ground. We have driving going up to us from other rideshare services that made the decision to go electric because a superb finally exists and they feel confident they finally have access to charging,” said Suhey.

Revel’s Tesla Model Y fleet seems to be a disruptor in the rideshare service market. Compared to other services, like Uber or Lyft, Revel is not only working on a zero-carbon future but is also trying to improve the way drivers earn a living. Revel offers a stable income, healthcare, and benefits to its drivers, unlike other rideshare providers.

Watch the video below to learn more about Revel’s Tesla Model Y fleet!

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Revel COO explains how Tesla Model Y fleet can help familiarize commuters to EVs
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