Reviewing the Model S Center Cap Tesla T Sticker

Center Cap Tesla T

Standard Center Cap

As I anxiously waited for delivery of my Model S, I would scour the internet and research Tesla related aftermarket accessories. One thing that caught my attention were these custom decals for the Tesla “T” on the center of the wheel caps and the “S” logo for the rear emblem.

I’m generally not an aftermarket modification type of guy, but I liked the look of the sticker, and also thought the ease of application was perfect for someone that has no DIY inclination.

Center Cap Tesla T

Before anything, I just want to say that these stickers are aftermarket and not officially provided or endorsed by Tesla. They’re stickers made of high strength vinyl with an adhesive backing.

The ordering process is as plain and basic as you can get. There’s no ecommerce store to buy these from. You have to sign up to become a Tesla forum user at the Tesla Motors Club and then private message the guy who started the forum discussion (“rogbmw”) for purchasing instructions. You provide him your color selection, which stickers you want (he has a few options), and indicate to him whether you’re paying by check or PayPal.

The center cap comes in Multi-Coat Red, Black, Signature Red, or Blue. The “S” of the “Model S” on the rear is only available in Multi-Coat Red. He also offers Multi-Coat Red and Black colors for the raised TESLA logo on the chrome strip on the back of the car.

I opted for the black center cap stickers and also the multi-coat red “S” sticker. I ordered by following his instructions to pay via Paypal and then waited for the product to show up at my doorstep approximately one week later. The total cost for my purchase was $15.00 US.

Center Cap Tesla T Sticker Installation

With each set of stickers that you purchase Roger also includes one extra “just in case” sticker. The instructions to apply the stickers were detailed and very clear.

Center Cap Stickers


The instructions tell you to remove the wheel center caps before applying the stickers. I tried all of the techniques that were recommended but none of them worked. I was very hesitant to use any kind of tool that would pry the center cap loose so I just ended up applying the stickers while the caps were still intact. Applying it directly on the cap was actually really easy so I’m not sure why anyone would do it any other way.

Center Cap Tesla TThe process was pretty simple. Wipe the area down with a wet cloth and then dry it. Then remove the white backing from the sticker which leaves the image on a sticky clear back. Next you align the image with the target spot and just go slow until you have the alignment perfect. Then you press it all in place. Remove the clear part and press again and you’re done.

Model “S” Logo Sticker Installation

The installation of the”S” logo is very similar to that of the center cap sticker. The main challenge is the “S” which can be pretty small and flimsy to work with because of its shape. I had to use my nails to peel off and re-align the stickers a few times before being able to call it “perfect.

Before After


The Model S Center Cap Tesla T aftermarket stickers were inexpensive and easy to install. I would definitely recommend them if you like this particular look.


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