Inside Rivian’s production plant in Normal, IL [Videos]

(Credit: Ducktruck via Rivian Forum)

Rivian opened its doors to visitors last weekend and welcomed people to take a peek inside its production facility in Normal, Illinois.

Rivian forum member Ducktruck visited the EV maker’s production plant last weekend. The production facility was nowhere near idle as Rivian took a few visitors for a tour through parts of the facility. The video reveals that quite a few people visited the plant that day, and Rivian seemed eager to share its progress with all of them.

The Rivian forum member was able to see the door panels that Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe shared via his Twitter a few months ago and much more. As they passed through the body shop, a Rivian guide told the visitors that the company expects to produce a door panel every 4 seconds.

In one of the videos, Ducktruck captured a bunch of R1T side panels ready for assembly. The Rivian guide shared that the side panels were made with a 4,800-ton press machine.

The tour stopped in front of the press machine making side body panels, and a Rivian employee seemed to share information about the contraption. Unfortunately, the cacophony of production sounds prevented video viewers from hearing what he had to say.

As the video passed all the R1T side panels, the Rivian tour guide shared that the facility is currently 3.3 million square feet. When they passed by a partly-assembled R1T truck, the Rivian forum member asked a question about the coating on the vehicle.

The Rivian guide openly answered his questions, telling him: “You’ll get the whole paint experience. But what you’re referring to is electro-deposition. That’s for environmental protection.” The guide was honest and politely shared that Rivian wasn’t at that step yet.

Rivian aims to start R1T deliveries this coming September after a few delays. RJ Scaringe sent emails to preorder holders explaining why R1T deliveries were delayed to September 2021. He explained the challenges Rivian faced, including difficulties caused by the global chip shortage.

Besides welcoming visitors into its factory in Normal, Rivian also invited R1T preorder holders to test drive its electric pickup truck through a course within its facilities. Rivian seems openly communicating with its customers about its progress and the challenges it faces.

Check out Ducktruck’s videos below!

Inside Rivian’s production plant in Normal, IL [Videos]
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