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Rivian is setting the stage for a test drive program for the R1T and R1S

Rivian appears to be setting the stage for the introduction of a test drive program for its first two vehicles, the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV. Such a program will bode well for Rivian, as it will give potential customers a chance to experience the company’s vehicles firsthand.

The first hints of a potential Rivian test drive program came in the form of a Reddit post on the r/Rivian subreddit. One of the online community’s members, u/Knight_of_r_noo, attended the New York Auto Show, where he was reportedly able to speak with Rivian’s team, including CEO RJ Scaringe. According to the electric truck enthusiast, Rivian is planning on doing a roadshow around the United States to let people experience the R1T and R1S. Details of the program are reportedly being ironed out by the electric truck maker.

Yet another hint at Rivian’s test drive program came in the form of a job listing that the company recently posted online. The listing, which could be found on jobs.lever.co, was specifically for a “Test Driver” that will be tasked to perform “over the road durability testing” and “ride and drive demos of Rivian vehicles (Marketing Events, Customer Trade Shows),” among other responsibilities.

Rivian seems to be intent on hiring a veteran for the post, as the company noted in the posting’s qualifications that test drivers with “off-road/racing drivers training/experience” and “durability/professional driving” background are preferred. Rivian’s post for its Test Driver lists Wickenburg, AZ as its location, though the company highlighted that applicants must be willing to travel “upwards of 75% of the time.”

Rivian’s electric trucks are marketed as luxury adventure vehicles that are equally capable on both paved and unpaved roads. As vehicles that are designed for those that love the outdoors, there is simply no better way to market the R1T and the R1S than to have potential customers actually experience the pickup truck and SUV for themselves. By doing so, Rivian could show precisely what the company’s “electric adventure” mantra is all about.

Done correctly, test drives are powerful marketing tools. Tesla, a first mover in the electric car industry, has utilized test drives as one of its key sales drivers. If Rivian could adopt a similar strategy, the R1T and the R1S could very well make an impact in their respective segments upon their release. The Rivian R1T pickup starts at $69,000, while the R1S SUV is listed with a starting price of $72,500 before incentives. Both vehicles are expected to enter production in 2020 and can be pre-ordered on Rivian’s official website today.

Rivian is setting the stage for a test drive program for the R1T and R1S
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