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Rivian’s newest electric van variant has hit the road

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The Rivian EDV 500, the automaker’s new smaller variant of the EDV 700 van, has been spotted on the road.

One of the defining segments of Rivian is its electric delivery van offerings. Thanks in large part to a massive 100,000 van order from America’s largest retailer, Amazon, Rivian has been able to continue to ramp production of its electric delivery vans (EDVs) considerably. Now, the newest variant of the EDV has been spotted testing on public roads.

The Rivian EDV 500, Rivian’s smallest van offering, set to hit the market in the first half of this year, was spotted by Instagram user kindelauto. The new van is distinct from its larger siblings, thanks to the three visible sections that make up its body, instead of the four sections seen in the EDV 700.


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Rivian has planned to release three EDV variants, the 500, 700, and 900, though, at this point, Rivian has only delivered Amazon the 700. It remains unclear how Amazon’s order breaks down by van size, but seeing as the 700 has the best combination of size and range, it likely constitutes the majority of orders.

Neither Rivian nor Amazon was immediately available to comment to Teslarati regarding the EDV 500.

According to Rivian, much like the EDV 700, the EDV 500 will have roughly 150 miles of range but has a slightly smaller cargo capacity of 500 cubic feet, as the name suggests. Thanks to its significantly shorter wheelbase, the EDV 500 may be the better choice for Amazon delivery drivers who need superior maneuverability or slightly improved range and don’t have much cargo.

Rivian Van Variants and their specifications. Credit: Friday Adventure Club

Amazon drivers have already showered the new Rivian platform with praise, primarily due to its delivery design focus, which includes countless helpful features; automatically opening doors at stop locations, keyless start and remote locking, and much more.

The final variant of the EDV that Rivian will be delivering to Amazon, the EDV 900, which is the largest capacity van the company will produce, has yet to make its way to production but is expected to do so in short order, following the introduction of the EDV 500.

It should be noted that Rivian now hopes to escape its exclusivity agreement with Amazon, which prohibits the automaker from selling its vans to other buyers. We may see an increasing number of Rivian vans as a part of other retail delivery fleets, such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

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Rivian’s newest electric van variant has hit the road
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