Falcon Heavy STP-2.

SpaceX fans are launching a novel effort to invest in the company [Interview]

Falcon Heavy Flight 3 made use of both flight-proven side boosters and a new center core. Note the scorched landing legs and sooty exteriors. (SpaceX)

Spaced Ventures Founder and CEO Aaron Burnett found his calling when he saw the Falcon Heavy’s two side boosters landing in perfect unison during the spacecraft’s maiden voyage. SpaceX sought to inspire people with Falcon Heavy and its spacefaring Tesla Roadster, and for Burnett, the rocket’s flight definitely did.  

“That thing, that image, essentially broke my brain wide open. That’s why I got involved and started doing what we’re doing today,” he said during a conversation with Teslarati

Spaced Ventures is, to put it simply, an equity crowdfunding platform that pools money from individual investors to buy shares in privately held aerospace companies. The company is currently attempting its most ambitious initiative yet — securing enough pledges to get SpaceX’s attention and have its community members become investors in the private space company. 

Credit: Spaced Ventures

Aaron Burnett, Founder and CEO of Spaced Ventures

If the initiative succeeds, Spaced Ventures will become one of the few firms that were able to get individual shareholders into SpaceX. Achieving such a feat is not easy, as Elon Musk has openly expressed his reservations about taking SpaceX public in the past. SpaceX may be spinning off some of its divisions like Starlink and making those public, but for now, investing in the private space company is still an incredibly tricky endeavor.  

During his conversation with Teslarati, Burnett, whose experience included leading growth for startups and a Fortune 500 company, explained that Spaced Ventures’ attempt to invest in SpaceX was the result of the community’s wishes. The Spaced Ventures community is closing in on 13,000 users, and with this growth, the company’s leadership opted to ask the community a question. 

“If we could get a big space company to do a crowdfunding round, which one would you want?” 

Burnett had a feeling that SpaceX would be one of the community’s top choices, but Spaced Ventures also provided other options, such as Axiom Space and Relativity Space. The choices in the survey featured aerospace companies with lofty goals, but as the results came in, it became highly evident that Spaced Ventures’ users overwhelmingly wanted to invest in SpaceX. 

About 82% of the users polled wished to invest in Elon Musk’s private space company. “It was quite decisive. We could have guessed that that would happen. But this was a very nice, decisive moment for us where we said, ‘Okay, we’ll just do that,'” Burnett said.

And with that, Spaced Ventures started gathering pledges for its SpaceX initiative. The equity crowdfunding platform is looking to secure pledges worth $25 million from its users before it approaches SpaceX, and so far, it appears that Spaced Ventures may indeed have a shot. As of writing, 1,102 community members have pledged a total of $17,657,964 for the private space company. 

Credit: Spaced Ventures

That’s not a small amount by any means, and it’s quite impressive considering that pledges could be as low as $100. But this is only half the story, as some community members pledged amounts that were so notable that Burnett and his team had to double-check. When Spaced Ventures did, the aspiring SpaceX investors clarified that if given a chance, they would actually be investing more

“I think what really surprised us is there are some individuals that wanna put a million or more. I’m like, ‘Ah, this seems ridiculous.’ So I call or (contact them) by email and say, ‘Wanna verify before we go to SpaceX. This is real. It’s not a joke.’ And several of them have responded that not only were they very serious, but they would increase it beyond that if we would allow that number to go bigger.

“Those individuals surprised me. Just the general interest, I think is quite crazy to me— how much people are really passionate about it— so much that they would put significant amounts of money to essentially say, ‘Hey, SpaceX, let us in any way, shape, or form you can,'” Burnett remarked. 

Ultimately, it is no surprise that Spaced Ventures’ users are willing to go all-in on SpaceX. The private space company has already proven itself over the years, and its projects, such as Starship, have the potential to practically transform humanity into a spacefaring civilization. With this in mind, the idea of SpaceX eventually hitting a valuation well into the trillions of dollars is not too farfetched. 

For now, Spaced Ventures continues to accept pledges from interested parties. When $25 million has been pledged, the equity crowdfunding platform would approach SpaceX and ask the private aerospace company if the amount can be invested. It’s almost like a bet of sorts, but one that could definitely have notable returns if it is successful. 

Those interested in joining Spaced Ventures’ SpaceX initiative can click here

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SpaceX fans are launching a novel effort to invest in the company [Interview]
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