Sportbike learns the hard way to never race a Tesla

A new video has surfaced showing a sportbike rider and a white previous generation Model S (the one with the nose cone) attempting to play a little game of cat and mouse. Except this game is one-sided. Tesla always wins.

The bike seen in the video is a race-ready 2008 Kawasaki ZX6R capable of sprinting to 60 mph from a standstill in 3.1 seconds. With that performance figure it’s no wonder the rider had the confidence to troll a Lamborghini for a drag race, and subsequently create a dedicated YouTube page to highlight their conquests. However one video stands out from the rest – the one that came with a big life lesson to never race a Tesla.

It’s difficult to tell what variant of the Model S is seen in the video, but based on the insane acceleration which is possibly exaggerated due to the terrible off-the-line launch skills of the biker, we might be seeing a P85D.

Check out the video below showing Model S vs Kawasaki ZX6R in a heads up drag race.

(NSFW language)

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