Tesla pitches cheaper Model S 60 to Model 3 reservation holders

Tesla is suggesting that some Model 3 reservation holders might want to consider having a full-sized Model S now instead of waiting potentially 2 more years for the smaller car, especially if the price is competitive.

When Tesla announced the revival of the 60 kWh battery pack for the Model S last week, it also introduced a cheaper alternative for those that have been on the fence of buying a Tesla due to cost. A Model S 60 today costs $66,000. Figure in the federal tax credit and the net cost of the car is $56,000.

That announcement came at a time when the company is pushing ahead with plans to bring its new Model 3 to market. That Model 3 will have at least 215 miles of range with a starting base price of $35,000. Many expect a fully optioned version of the Model 3 to cost $50,000 or more. That means customers will soon have a choice between a base Model S 60 or a fully optioned Model 3 for nearly the same money.

Tesla says the its new marketing strategy is in response to customer demand. “We’ve heard from a number of people who would like to buy a Model S, but can more easily afford it only at a lower price point,” said Tesla spokesperson Alexis Georgeson.

By introducing a new, lower priced entry level Model S, Tesla has given customers an intriguing choice — drive a full size electric car that has been continuously improved and upgraded for almost 5 years now or wait for the smaller but more cutting edge Model 3. It’s a delicious conundrum to have.

On the Tesla Motors Club forum, user Travel SD80 posted a copy of an e-mail he got from Tesla recently.

Hello xxx,

We are thrilled to have just launched the new Model S 60 and as a valued model 3 reservation holder I wanted to personally reach out to invite you to University Town Center Showroom to experience Model S 60 and 60D. It is a wonderful opportunity to get into a custom designed Tesla with payments starting at $667/mth before gas and tax incentive savings. Depending on your current vehicle trade-in value the monthly payment could be even lower.

We know how excited you are to receive your Model 3 and wanted to ensure you had the chance to work with myself and our team to explore the options of getting into a Tesla even sooner. Please let me know if I can arrange a test drive experience for you or answer any questions. We would also be happy to review your current trade-in options as well. We are here to help you build your dream car and continue our mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport.

Please feel free to reach our UTC Showroom Manager, xxx, at xxx or call

Some people think a well equipped Model 3 with dual motors, larger battery, Autopilot enabled, and the added cost for including Supercharger access may sell for as much as $50,000. And by the time it is delivered, the federal tax credit may have expired. Tesla is asking, “Which would you prefer? A car today for $56,000 or a car two years from now for $50,000?”

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Source: EV Obsession

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